Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is TAT? Turn Around Time?

Answer: 6 Hours to 24 Hours.

2: Share Sample of the website?

Answer: You can check Samples of each website here. Samples of our websites.

3: Are there any specific guidelines for posting on this website??

Answer: Unique Content, 500+ Words

4: How Many Dofollow Backlinks in 1 article?

Answer: 2 Dofollow Links

5: Price of Link Insertion?

Answer: Link Insertion Price is Same as for New Post.

6: Essay Writing, CBD, Vape, Loans, Forex, Crypto, Casino, Betting, Gambling Niches Accepted?

Answer: Yes All Niches Accepted. Prices are mentioned in this sheet.

7: Will Article on Homepage or in category?

Answer: Depends on you, if you like on homepage, we will do on Homepage as u like.

8: Will the post be labeled/marked Sponsored??

Answer: Depends on you, we will post as you will say.

9: Will Posts Indexed?

Answer: Yes, Posts will index in 1-3 days. If not index you can contact us after 3 days.

10: Are these sites Google News Approved?

Answer: we are not sure, you have to check each site yourself.

11: Do you allow YouTube videos (embedded links) on the article? If yes, how much will you charge?

Answer: Yes we Allow, Same price no extra charge.

12: What kind of anchor text do you allow in the article?

Answer: We accept All types of Anchors. No special requirements.

13: How long will the content stay on your website?  

Answer: Permanent Lifetime.

14: Do you Allow Banners ads, Footer Links or Sidebar Links?

Answer: We do not allow such Links on our website.

15: Do you have a minimum word length for content?  

Answer: 500+ Words

16: What Payment Options Available?

Answer: Payoneer, Paypal, USDT Binance, Wise, Fiverr, Upwork,  Pakistani Local Bank (According to Google Rate).

17: What are Prices of Product Reviews, Editorial Links, Supporting Links?

Answer: Same Price as for New Posts.

18: Price of General post and Link Insertion?

Answer: Mentioned in List here. Click here for List.

19: List of your Websites?

See our complete List of sites here:

$10 Sites List : Click here

$20 Sites List: Click here

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